Saint Andrew Academy
Mrs. Bowman

Meeting Time and Place
No meetings necessary. Parents and students will be notified if they qualify.

Member Requirement
5th Grade and 7th Grade

Duke Tip Talent Search is to recognize students with strong intellectual ability.
(Must achieve at the 95th percentile or higher on Terra Nova).

4th-6th Grade Recognition:
Emily Barz-Language (96); Social Studies (99)
Trevor Chodyniecki-Math COmputation (99)
Casey Hawkins-Math Computation (99)
Shelby Martin-Math Computation (99)

Haylee Ashabraner-Math Computation (99)
Olivia Murphy-Math Computation (99)
Sarah Hasson-Math Computation (99); Math Composite (99)

Joshua Clements-Language Mechanics (99)
Nick Langley-Science (99)
Kyle Robbins-Language Mechanics (99)
Jacob Webb-Language Mechanics (99); Science (99)

7th Grade Recognition:
Calvin Hawkins-Language (95)