Saint Andrew Academy
Saint Andrew Academy Kindergarten is dedicated to setting and achieving a standard of Christian educational excellence for all students whom our school serves.

Our Kindergarten offers a program of planned activities to promote total growth through the learning-center approach and teacher-directed activities. The operational and instructional procedures for implementation of the Kindergarten program are summarized within this handbook.
Program Philosophy

We believe that Kindergarten is an integral part of the elementary school program. The Kindergarten program strives to provide for the child’s present needs as it builds on earlier experiences to lay the foundation for future learning. The instructional environment stimulates the spiritual, cognitive, emotional, social, and psychomotor growth of each child. This environment provides activities that focus on faith development, language development, reading readiness, math readiness, and other curriculum areas. The spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of each child are constantly considered and integrated in the cognitive activities and experiences. Readiness and psychomotor skills are taught through direct instruction and are reinforced by the use of learning centers and other activities. The Kindergarten program is planned to foster the child’s social and emotional growth providing a positive atmosphere and ensuring opportunities for interaction between peers and adults. Overall, the Kindergarten program strives to help the child acquire the values and skills needed to succeed in school in a multicultural world.
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